Wedding Day Beauty Tips

We are in the throws of full blown wedding season. So while we are out having a wonderful time with this years brides I wanted to take the time to share some wedding day beauty tips for next years brides.

  • False lashes are always fun and look wonderful for the camera. They give the appearance of fuller bigger eyes. Be sure to have them professionally put on by your makeup artist. This is not a try this at home or you risk the chance of spending your wedding day with blood shot eyes or worse damaging your own eye lashes.
  • The benefit of having a professional makeup artist is to ensure your makeup looks flawless and lasts  all day and night long. Even with the best products some features will still need a small touch up. Bring powder, mascara, lipstick and blush. Make sure you purchase the same products your makeup artist used.
  • Worried about those impending emotional tears? even if you don’t consider yourself a crier be sure to have access to a miniature package of tissues and of course be sure to use waterproof mascara. When the tears come just lightly dab, make sure not to rub or your makeup will smudge.
  • Hairspray is always a good idea and be sure to stay away from pump sprays because they will wet your hair rather than set it and bringing it down. Use an aerosal hairspray instead.
  • If you are wearing an updo that has bobby pins, bring a few extra with you in case and a comb. If you have any unwanted stragglers later in the night you can quickly put them back in their place.

Remember the most important thing is to choose a look that you are comfortable with. Try a  few different looks but don’t go with the trends unless it is something you really love. This will ensure you feel happy and confident on your wedding day.

Image By Carla Ten Eyck

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