Teen Cassandra Bankson and The Power of Makeup

Teen Cassandra Bankson appeared on the Today Show this morning and was interviewed by Savannah Guthrie on the power of makeup and how it has helped her. This 19 year old struggled with acute acne and after being bullied she spent a lot of time learning how to apply makeup and cover up her acne. Today Cassandra is a model and recently put a video on YouTube for the world to see how she achieves her flawless look. With that courage she has helped lots of others in the same position. She said, ” I think that makeup is a way for women to feel confident until they overcome whatever insecurities they have so they can be beautiful with or without.” A very inspiring story that shows the power of makeup and how beauty really does go skin deep. To see Cassandra’s YouTube video and interview on the Today show, click here.

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