Summer Hair and Makeup Tips

Well we re officially in the throws of summer. Just like the other seasons, summer also requires its own special hair and makeup tricks. This heat and humidity have the capacity to leave you with oily eye lids from eye shadow, oily skin, flat or frizzy hair, and hair color that looks brassy and subdued.

Not to worry Dana Bartone is here, and here are my top summer hair and makeup tips to keep you looking your best even on the hottest of days.

~ Don’t Fight Mother Nature: The summer is the time to accept your hair for who it is. For curly, embrace those sexy summer curls and just use a hair product to keep the fizz away. For straight hair, let it air dry and be natural with those gorgeous beachy waves that everyone craves this season.

~ Sad Hair Color: The sun can have detrimental effects on colored hair, including changing it to some strange colors. Use a color protector to keep that color in tact. Come on in to the salon and we can help you pick a color perfect for you and those sunny rays.

~ Give The Foundation A Break: Switch to a tinted moisturizer, you can still get that flawless coverage without the cakeyness or having it melt off your face in this heat the way foundation might.

~ Prime The Eyes: So that you don’t get a pool of oily eye shadow, use a primer on your lids before applying your eye shadow. Also switch to a liquid liner from a pencil and of course the trust water proof mascara.

~ Buns Are In: Pile your hair high on top into a bun or wear braids and fun head bands to keep your hair from getting sticky and sweaty.

That should do it, now go enjoy the sun! or come in and visit us at the salon and we will get your hair and makeup in tip top shape for summer.

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