Professional Boudoir Hair and Makeup

Brides to be, what will you be getting for the hubby? I highly recommend a boudoir session. A boudoir session can be as sexy as you like it to be. You can put the images on an iphone, ipad, create a leather bound book, there are so many ways to give your hubby to be this amazing gift. Work closely with talented photographers like Eric and Amber from Raw Photo Design to customize your look and make sure your images are the perfect reflection of you. I of course also highly recommend calling us in to do your hair and makeup. Our goal is to make you look your absolute best by enhancing and complimenting your features. We work with you based on your skin type and how you normally wear your makeup to create the perfect look for you and your boudoir session. If you usually don’t wear any or much makeup, you are not alone, what I can’t promise is that after your boudoir session you may become addicted to false lashes, lip gloss and a little powder :).

Images By Raw Photo Design

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